10 Lifehacks Every Traveller Should Know

10 Lifehacks Every Traveller Should Know

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There is an African proverb attributed to the late great writer Chinua Achebe, which sums up the beauty of travelling very nicely and goes forth: The child that never visits other houses thinks that its mother’s cooking is the best. This saying draws heavily from rural West Africa, but still manages to capture the essence of what makes travelling such a delightful experience. When you travel you get to experience life from a totally new perspective, you get to walk in another person’s shoes and also get to try your hand at another language. You encounter different foods and cultures. There is no better way to develop a more rounded and balanced outlook on life.

Not everybody is comfortable with travelling though; there are so many things to consider and so many things that can go wrong. But this does not make it any less important. We believe everybody should enjoy the thrill of becoming a traveller at some point in their lives, and to help with this we have compiled a list of the top ten lifehacks that every traveller should know. Following this lifehacks should make the preparation and the journey itself easier so that in the end, travelling becomes less of a chore and more of the pleasure it is meant to be.

  1. You Can Bring Your Own Alcohol

    Traveller Lifehack - Alcohol

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    Anybody who has travelled before by plane knows how expensive it is to get hands on their alcohol. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can just bring your own. A few things to remember though: You can bring alcohol along only if you bring bottles that are 100ml or less and also keep them in 8×8 inch zip lock bags.

    Now that you have your alcohol on board, you are free to drink it on board if you want, and if you don’t fancy taking a swig straight from the bottle feel free to ask for a cup of soda to lace with some of your alcohol after which you can use the cup as you wish.

  2. Clear Your Cookies to Get Cheaper Flights

    Traveller Lifehack 2 - Clear Cookies to Get Cheaper Flights

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    This goes against conventional wisdom. Many people believe that if they keep refreshing the webpage when they are looking for flights, they will eventually get a bargain price. However, it works the other way round. Most of these websites make use of what is known as dynamic pricing which means that flight prices fluctuate with demand. When the demand for a flight is high, its demand goes up. To combat this, all you have to do is clear you cookies. When you do this your browser becomes private and you cut out the dynamic pricing and you can get the cheapest possible price for your flights.

  3. You Are Entitled to a Refund for Delayed and Cancelled Flights

    Traveller Lifehack 3 - You Are Entitled to a Refund

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    This is something the airlines won’t tell you so we are letting you in on the secret here. If a flight you are scheduled to be on is delayed or cancelled, then you deserve to be paid for your trouble. This payment is done in the form of a refund and could be as much as $600! Check getairhealth.com to find out exactly how much compensation you are entitled to.

  4. Take a Plane, and then a Bus

    Traveller Lifehack 4 - Take a Bus

    Photo Credit: King County Metro

    This could save you a ton of money, and is a great strategy for when you are travelling alone. Here is an example of how this could work for you: A trip to city X, could cost say $450. They have only a private airport and there is no other price alternative. What does the savvy traveller do? They take a plane to a nearby town for $150 and take a bus to City X for $35. $300 saved in the process. Keep an eye out for any strange characters in the buses.

  5. Choose to Go Left and Skip the Queue

    Traveller Lifehack 5 - Skip the Queue

    Photo Credit: Middle East Eye

    Most people are right-handed and automatically choose to go right at the airport queues. That means you have a high chance of having a shorter wait time if you choose to go left instead. This does not always work of course, but it’s an idea to have at the back of your mind the next time you pass through an airport.

  6. You Can Get a Refund for Your Flight Within 24 Hours

    Traveller Lifehack 6 - Refund Within 24 Hours

    Photo Credit: Courier Services

    This is another travel lifehack which airlines do not tell you, and would prefer you don’t know. When you purchase a flight, you often hear that the money paid is non-refundable. This is not true in many cases, and you can get a refund if you ask for it within 24 hours. That means if you pay for a flight you think is a bargain one day, and see an even cheaper one when you check the next day, you can ask for a refund for the earlier flight, which will allow you to pay for the cheaper one.

  7. Carry an Empty Water Bottle

    Traveller Lifehack 7 - Empty Water Bottle

    Photo Credit: Heels First Travel

    Asking for water can get very expensive. To counter this, savvy travellers make use of the empty water bottle lifehack. Carry an empty water bottle when next you travel so that you can fill it up with water when you get past security. There is no reason for you to go thirsty on a plane anymore.

  8. Use a Shower Cap or Plastic Bag to Cover Your Shoes

    Traveller Lifehack 8 - Shower Cap on Your Shoes

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    One of the hardest things about packing for a trip is figuring out where your shoes will go. They spread dirt everywhere. To avoid them staining your clothes you could wrap the soles in plastic or put them in a shower bag. Problem solved.

  9. Afraid of Flights and Turbulence?

    Traveller Lifehack 9 - Afraid of Flights

    Photo Credit: Seat Maestro

    Turbulence is never a pleasant experience, but some are far more affected by it than others. If you cannot stand the idea of turbulence, a lifehack that could help is choosing early morning flights. The environmental factors that cause turbulence are more prevalent later in the day, so choosing an early flight could help you avoid turbulence altogether.

  10. Take Photos of All Your Documents-and Yourself.

    Traveller Lifehack 10 - Take Photos of Documents

    Photo Credit: Apple iTunes

    Before you leave for your trip it is important to prepare against losing your important documents by taking pictures of them or scanning them. By adopting this lifehack, if something happens like your bag betting stolen or if the airline loses them, then you can store this images in the cloud or somewhere safe so that you always have them. Some of these documents you need to safeguard in this way include: driver’s licence, passports and others.

    You could also take a selfie of yourself with the camera so that you can prove that it is yours should you ever lose it.


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