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10 Money Making Hacks You Can Pull Off On The Side

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We all wish we had more money. It’s a fact of life; our desires supersede our means; and that is what keeps us going to work every morning. Usually, when the idea hits that you need more money, your first instinct is to cut back on expenditure. But cutting back can only take one so far. Except you already earn a lot and equally spend an unnecessary amount, this idea is not one that will get you too far.

First of all, reducing your expenditure tends to have an adverse effect on your quality of life over time. Secondly, you can only gain so much from eking out in this way. Rather than following this obsolete idea to get more money, you would be better off finding a way to increase your revenue. And achieving is actually easier than one might think. Money making opportunities abound for people of every skill and experience, and with a little bit of effort anybody can increase their income with some money making hacks on the side. These hacks are as many as the ideas in the world, so we have stuck to the best 10 we could think of. At the very least going through this list will get the wheels in your head turning and have you earning in no time.

  1. Ask for a Raise

    First things first, ask for more money from your employer. Asking for a raise is one of the sweetest ways to earn more money because there is no need for you to do anything extra once you get it. You basically get paid more for putting in the same amount of time and effort as you have always done. Problem solved, right? The hard part is in the asking. It is a tricky thing to ask your employer for a raise when they already have you at a particular salary grade. You have to fine tune and prepare a strong argument, as well as bring your A game. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when asking for a raise

  2. Change Jobs

    While we are still on the topic of your job, why not switch to another one? One that pays better by the way. This is a great way to boost your earnings: when a company wants you but is not sure if it can get you, then you have leverage. Use it shamelessly during negotiations. There is another benefit for getting a salary increase when you switch jobs, and that is the fact that the percentage increase will be baked into all your future raises, boosting your lifetime earnings. Try reading on a few tips on how to negotiate your salary

  3. Freelance

    Freelancing is a great way to put your skills to good use to earn some good money on the side. Skilled work always pays and you can take advantage of that. Send the word out through your professional networks and contacts that you are available for freelance gigs. You can use LinkdIn to cast your net wide. You could post on marketplaces that are specific to your field. For example, Mediabistro caters to journalists, and allows freelancers to post about their past experience and services. Other bidding sites exist such as Upwork and Fiverr which, although are a bit of a free-for-all, present- legitimate opportunities to make significant income to add to that you already make from your regular job.

  4. Blogging

    Are you an expert with ideas to share? Then start a blog! Blogging can earn you a nice income if you know how to go about it. A basic blog could allow you to create ads and set up affiliate links that give you a commission for any sales you generate.

  5. Coaching

    Coaching is not limited to only sports. If you have enough experience in a particular field, you could set up a website and grow a community. This could even be merged with blogging efforts for maximum effect and outreach. There is a lot that can be done if you want to effectively coach, mentor and build a community but if you do it right there may be a full time income waiting for you to discover!

  6. Tutoring

    You could teach those less experienced in your field for some side income. For example, you can monetize your expertise by teaching high school students or adults in any field you feel confident in. You can go about this by engaging an established group like Kaplan or you could go solo, making your services known to students and parents alike. If your services are targeted at adults then you could list your services with adult tutoring companies or, again, you could go solo and create your own website-your choice.

  7. Give Tours of Your City

    If you love your city and cannot wait to share its many wonders with others, then you could make some money by giving guided tours of your city. Vayable allows you to give tours centered on a particular cultural event.

  8. Teach an Online Course

    Again if you have knowledge to share in anything, you can gain some income by sharing it. Don’t look down on what you know either-there are millions of people out there scouring the internet for quick, comprehensive classes on loads of random stuff. You can become an online instructor via websites like Skillshare and Udemy and make a nice income on the side while doing so.

  9. Temp

    There are still opportunities to work for old school companies that need temporary workers. A site like list opportunities by location and is thus a great place to start looking. There may be many opportunities hanging just under your nose to make some extra money on the side.

  10. Make Use of Your Cooking Skills

    This money hack will enable you to make use of your cooking skills if you have any. If you think you are up to it, Kitchensurfing allows you to cook for guest, and you get paid for your services.

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