13 Lifehacks Every Girl Should Know

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It’s tough being a girl. Among other things you have to give off the semblance of being totally in control-having all things together-and still look chic while doing so. That’s a full time job on its own. Not to worry though, over the years we have amassed a repertoire of wisdom nuggets-call them lifehacks if you like- that have made this herculean task seem effortless. 13 of the very best of these are made available here. Go through our list of 13 lifehacks every girl should know if you are in search of a quick and efficient remedy to many of life’s hiccups.

  1. Lifehacks Every Girl Should Know About Clothes

  • Keep an Eye on that Bra Strap

Unless you are ten seconds away from doing something really interesting with someone special, a stray bra strap does not look good. There is just something unflattering about having that strip lying in the open. To avoid the embarrassment and to save yourself from the trouble of constantly having to check you can simply sew in a strap holder or clasp on the edge of your shoulders.

Photo Credit: Diply

And you never have to worry again.

  • Apply Some Baking Soda for That Awful Shoe Odour

Wearing ballet flats without socks make a strong, positive fashion statement. But like all great things it comes with a price. Past experience will testify how practically impossible it is to get rid of the resulting odour that comes afterwards. If you’ve ever been in this situation then this hack will bring a smile to your face.

Photo Credit: Her Campus

Put a little bit of baking soda in a breathable bag and insert them into the shoes. This will not only take care of the smell, but also disinfects the shoes!

  • Apply More Wine To Wine Stains

This may appear counterproductive but it’s the truth-to get rid of red wine stains, just apply white wine!

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The white wine counteracts and neutralises the bright colour of the red wine, making the stain much more susceptible to traditional methods of removal which you can apply later. You no longer have a reason to pull your hair out over this. You’re welcome.

  • Use Dryer Sheets for Deodorant Stains

If you have on a black top or a dark coloured one, it is never pleasant to discover whitish smudges caused by deodorants just as you intend putting it on. Luckily you are about to find out what to do about that

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You can tackle these deodorant stains with dryer sheets. Rub the dryer sheets over the stain in circular movements to absorb all of the stain. A bonus of using this lifehack is the delightful scent that is left behind.

  • How to Tuck Non-Skinny Jeans into Boots

Boots are a mainstay for the average fashion-minded, modern girl. If only there was an easy way to match them with non-skinny jeans-another mainstay for the modern wardrobe.

Well you can! The picture below shows how you can go about avoiding that uncomfortable clump down your leg when you tuck non-skinny jeans into your beloved boots.

Photo Credit: Diply

Now you won’t only look good, you will feel good as well! Another boot hack you could definitely use is one to do with storing your boots in the closet when you return home. Rather than having your boots lean to one side like a dead puppy, you could have them standing tall and looking smart by inserting rolled up magazines or even pool noodles down the heels.

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  1. Lifehacks Every Girl Should Know About Organisation

  • Organise Your Makeup With a Magnetic Board

You no longer have to get frustrated looking for that favourite shade or lipstick-not if you follow this lifehack that is. By using a magnetic board you can hot glue magnets to the back of your products and just stick them there for later use.

Photo Credit: Her Campus

This hack not only makes your beauty space more organised, it is easier on the eyes too!

  • Hang Purses in the Closet with Your Shower Curtain Hooks

Who really needs that curtain? Ok some people do, but this lifehack gives you something else you could so with the shower curtain hooks: you could use them to organise your closet by hanging your purses and bags with them!

Photo Credit: Her Campus

For sheer aesthetic value alone this is worth pursuing! Organising your bags in this way also makes for quicker choices when trying to decide on which one to take out

  • Take Your Organisation to the Next Level with a Magnetic Strip

A magnetic strip hanging in the bathroom will ensure all your metal products-bobby pinsm clippers and so on-are on hand just when you need them. There is no need remembering where you left what anymore.

Photo Credit: Diply

For bobby pins you can also conveniently store them all in one place by using an empty tic-tac container. This stops them from ending up all over the entire bedroom as bobby pins are wont to end up.

Photo Credit: Her Campus


  • Clean Up Your Mascara Wand With Hot Water

If you have ever been frustrated by tangled and squished up mascara wands say “I”. There is something deeply frustrating about squished up mascara wands and the clumpy smudges they leave when we use them. Usually the next step will be to throw the errant wand away, but that need not be the case. There is redemption magic for your mascara wand if it’s tangled and off-kilter and all you have to do is add water-hot water that is.

Photo Credit: Her Campus

Put an end to clumpy mascara wands by washing them under hot water and drying them off with a paper towel before storing them away for the next use. This will have your friends thinking your mascara wand wielded magic.

  • Having Trouble with Your Nail Polish Bottle?

Nail polish bottles can be a pain to open sometimes. You can go around this by wrapping rubber bands around the heads when you close them.

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The rubber bands are not for decoration though. They give you extra grip which will enable you to open the nail polish with ease whenever you want to use it. Neat.

  • Use Ice Trays if You Don’t Have Too Much Jewellery

It’s not pretty but it gets the job done-especially if you don’t own too much jewellery.

Photo Credit: Diply

You probably should not keep your jewellery in the public eye in any case-for safety reasons.

  1. Lifehacks Every Girl Should Know About Style

Check out this quick and easy hairstyle which you can do all by yourself. Get the step by step tutorials here.

Photo Credit: Yoga by Candace

Now who says style has to be complicated?

What do you think of our lifehacks? Share your feelings below!

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