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5 Quick Snacks for Any Outing

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The non-perishable snacks are food items that are not messy and are very easy to carry around.

The snacks that can be left over in your cars for a reasonably long period of time.

Non-perishable foods are known for their long shelf life.

Some examples of nonperishable foods  that can remain consumable without refrigeration after opening include butter, peanuts, ketchup, soy sauce, mustard and even bottled water.

There are several snacks that could last some few days when refrigerated but the snacks we will be addressing in this write up do not require refrigeration for them to stay for a period.

Dried Fruits: Quick Snacks

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Dried fruit: Dried fruit are very delicious as the low level of moisture within them increases the concentration of natural sugar. You can buy prunes or raisins, blueberries (whole fruit) or dried cherries. You can also prepare some dry fruits on your own by drying some apple slices. Fruits in dry form are usually great from of nutrition.

Nut butter: A great way to eat nuts is turning them into nut butter. Nut butter is enjoyable to all both young and old. Some cracker, celery sticks or carrot can be taken alongside the nut butter. The meal is rich in protein and is a quick snack that can be made into a sandwich. Nut butter can keep well and is a source of a quick energy boost.

Trail mix: you can generate a mixture of dried fruits, nut and anything else you will like to add to obtain a trail mix. Some people enjoy the mix so much that they add coconut shavings and some sweet and nourishing ingredients to it. Flavoured nuts such as tamari almonds, curried cashews and spicy pumpkin seeds can also be added to ‘flavorize’ your Trail mix.

Healthy cookies: There are so many cookies that can be made at home and are very healthy for your body. Some example of healthy cookies include pure almond, goji and sprouted buckwheat balls, oatmeal and chocolate chip, gluten free lemon cranberry cookies, molasses cookies, or grain free oatmeal raisin cookies. There are many no bake cookies recipes that can be found these days.

Meat sticks: These are jerky-like meat sticks. It is usually prepared with pastured turkey or beef. The sticks are usually seasoned with cooking salt which makes them highly nourishing and awesome. The snack does not contain nitrates, MSG or any other junks that are found in most of the commercial meat sticks. The meat sticks can last for months so you can leave them in your car until the time you will have the need to eat something.


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