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The Best Life Hacks To Boost Productivity At Work

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Boosting your productivity could mean ending the day fresher or more energetic after having done more or better work than usual. These lifehacks here written are for the employee who is not aiming to do just enough work to not get fired but just enough to get paid. Those who actually want to create the most value for their employers are going to benefit a lot by following the tips and best practices outlined below. Likewise self-employed individuals and those who work for or by themselves could also benefit from implementing a few of these tips.

Productivity is basically the amount of work that an individual gets done over a given time or a day, so you want to take it seriously especially if you are an employee for someone else or a company. If you are not doing enough or as much as you should over the average work day, then your long term job prospects do not look so good. Employers and executives are constantly looking for ways to boost productivity, and those who don’t make the cut get dropped over time. Follow the hacks below to make sure that is not you!

  1. Set Your Schedule for the Next Day the Evening Before You Leave the Office.

    Setting a schedule the night before in the office or before bed prepares you mentally for the tasks ahead. You

    Schedule for the Next Day - Boost your productivity

    Schedule for the Next Day to boost your productivity

    are going to wake up sharper and focused on a set of goals that need to be accomplished. In writing your list, prioritise what needs to be done. Even if you get distracted with other assignments, you will always have a set plan to keep you on track when you return to your desk. You will be more organised and more focused and will thus achieve more.

    There are two more subtle benefits to carrying out this life hacks: the first is that you get a nice fuzzy feeling of satisfaction as you cross off items on your list once you complete them. The other is the hidden process that goes on in your brain whenever you sleep over a problem. People often find that problems are easier to solve after a good night’s rest. Studies have shown that your brain arranges and analyses material while you sleep making it easier to sort through problems when you wake.

  2. Take a 5-10 Minute Breather Whenever You Feel Mentally Tired

    This could take the form of a short walk down the corridor to the cooler, or maybe a sojourn across the street to get a rejuvenating cup of coffee. These brief interludes get your blood flowing and allow you to return to your desk with fresh eyes. Fatigue also has a bearing on your quality of output. This lifehack ensures that you don’t only do more work, but also that your quality stays high throughout the day.

  3. Anticipate and Eliminate Potential Distractions

    You know your work place well; and are aware of the things that potentially may pose distractions. Try to avoid them. For example if you work beside the door, you could try keeping it closed most of the time. If a co-worker is trying to implement the lifehack above to take a breather, you can tell them politely that you have work to do but would be happy to chat later. It’s impossible to completely eliminate distractions from daily life, but you can make the effort to keep them to a bare and manageable minimum.

  4. Reduce Multi-Tasking

    There is a current pop obsession with multi-tasking. People flatter their egos by trying to juggle two or more tasks at the same time. However, studies show that those who multi-task are more likely to end up distracted, and the quality of their work suffers. Taking on two or more things at once is not as productive as many would have you believe. After all, the more balls you juggle, the likelier you are to drop some. You would be much more productive finishing one project, and then moving on to another.

  5. Impose Deadlines, and Stick to Them

    You are far more capable than you think, and this lifehack allows you to tap into some of that potential to be awesome. Studies have shown that those who impose deadlines, and resolve to stick to them, eventually perform better. It is a bit like time oriented goal-setting. When you set these deadlines, your thought processes and actions are fully focused on achieving them. Your mind streamlines the process, innovates, and blocks out unnecessary distractions that take away from the goal. This is the main reason why some people seem to thrive under deadlines and others under pressure. Some super-efficient people have been known to shorten their workday by 15 minutes to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. Deadlines will make you superhuman-set some!

  6. Watch What You Eat-Heavy Lunches Will Make You Fatigued

    A heavy meal during the day will stuff you up and make you fatigued. If you ever feel sleepy or find it hard to concentrate after lunch break, then you may want to start watching what you eat. Stick to high protein foods for extra energy and brain power. Fibre rich foods are good, as well as antioxidants. Granola and berries keep you full and focused so you may want to add them on the side. Avoid sugars, and ignore the hype the salesmen pitch about energy drinks. They will keep you going only for a short while, and the eventual crash may leave you acting like a zombie, thereby destroying your ability to work effectively throughout the rest of the day.

  7. Keep Your Workspace Clear of Clutter

    “A cluttered desk is a symptom of a cluttered mind,” so the old adage goes. Apart from removing the stuffy feeling that comes with a cluttered desk or workspace, following this lifehack and de-cluttering your desk could be a great time saver. Imagine the amount of time you spend looking for stuff like papers and emails. Keeping your workspace arranged allows you to spend that time doing valuable work instead. There are apps that can help out with the emails by electronically organizing your email box.


Any other lifehacks you know of? Share with us below!

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