Best Life Hacks to Make College Life Easier

The Best Lifehacks To Make College Life Easier

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College life can be hectic, sometimes making you want to pull your hair out. It does not have to be that way though. For some people college life is nothing but fun, fun fun, and if you only applied a few tricks you could become one of them. We’ve decided to aid you in this quest, and have compiled the best life hacks that you need to apply to immediately make your college life easier.

  1. The Gummy Bear Trick

You may have heard of this one-its brilliant, and with it studying becomes a whole lot more fun.

College life hack 1 - Gummy Bear Trick

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

You get to eat a gummy bear whenever you read up to one. This will have you looking forward to studies in no time!

  1. Save Time Studying By Listening To Audios at Twice Speed

If you are not one for staring at books for long stretches of time, then you need not despair-you have a way out that is almost like a cheat code for your favourite game.

College life hack 2 - Save Time Studying By Listening To Audios at Twice Speed

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Record your lectures or get audio files of your textbooks and play them at twice speed. You will find the audio perfectly understandable, and you will be done in record time. Studies have also shown that it is easier to remember things that you hear. You can use programs like Audacity or VLC player

  1. Stack Up on Grade Points In the Easier Classes

Against conventional wisdom, don’t slack off in the easier classes. Stack up on the easy A grades so that they can balance out the Cs and Bs that are much more likely to come by in the tougher courses

College life hack 3 - Stack Up on Grade Points In the Easier Classes

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

  1. Take Control of the Kitchen

Certain foods like pasta are notorious for boiling over and spilling into the cooker. Consider this a thing of the past with this cool trick.

College life hack 4 - Take Control of the Kitchen

Photo Credit: Student Hut

Don’t ask us how that works, we just know that it works and it makes for a lot more peace of mind.

  1. Make Showering A lot More Efficient

To be honest, there is a lot more innovation needed in the bathroom-especially when we are talking about the shower head.

College life hack 5 - Make Showering A lot More Efficient

Photo Credit: College Times

Luckily, colleges are a hotbed of innovation and a lot of this panache has been diverted to the shower head. Save a beer can for this the next time you go out with some friends.

  1. Take Control of Your Wardrobe with Soda Pop Tabs

You could create more space in your wardrobe by hanging many clothes with one hanger.

College life hack 6 - Take Control of Your Wardrobe with Soda Pop Tabs

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Appearances are everything in college, and nothing appears better than a wardrobe under control. Soda pop cans just got another use besides providing a recreational boost with friends.

  1. Impromptu Dance Party?

Place your smartphone into an empty soda bottle.

College life hack 7 - Impromptu Dance Party?

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

This amplifies the sound ad makes the base clearer. A modification of this trick serves as a great way to never sleep through your alarm again.

College life hack 7 modification - Never sleep through your alarm again

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

The reverberations amplify the sound and the further action of taking the smartphone safely out of the glass will make it much easier to get up.



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