Winter Cocktails for GOT Fans

A DIY Winter Is Coming Cocktail For All GOT Fans!

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Game of Thrones fans, here is the exciting news for you. From now on, you can watch your favorite show and enjoy one of the greatest cocktail with the same theme which you can easily make at home. With its attractive ice cold blue color and delicious taste, you just won’t be able to resist not trying it. This special Winter is Coming cocktail is made in just a few steps.

Winter Cocktails for Game of Thrones Fans

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You are going to need the following ingredients:

  • A few ice cubes
  • Crème de cacao
  • Cream soda
  • Blue curaçao
  • A straw


Have all the ingredients prepared on your table.

How to make it: Start with filling a tall glass with ice cubes right to the top. Then, pour crème de cacao halfway up the glass. After that, add cream to fill the glass. Finally, carefully pour a spoonful of blue curaçao to the mix, preferably over the ice cubes. Remember, you want to create layers, not to blend the ingredients.  This will give your cocktail the adorable winter-cold bluecolor. Put a straw in the glass and congratulate yourself. It’s that simple!

If you liked this cocktail, you might want to check out the other GoT-themed cocktails here and enjoy all kinds of different flavors. On this site, you can also find the alternative version of Winter is Coming called the White Walker Cocktail. The slight difference between the two is that White Walker contains the chocolate liquer instead of crème de cacao. So if chocolate is your flavor, go right for it!

Enjoy your homemade cocktail!

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