hacks to learn on xbox

Hacks To Learn On X-Box

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There are lots of things that are possible with your Xbox One, Xbox Kinect, if you only knew your way around the consoles.

By following a few tips and hacks you can learn about your Xbox you can start doing what you previously thought impossible.

The categories are endless. Because we know you are serious about gaming just as we are, we went ahead to compile the very best 8 hacks into the Xbox console that we could find.

If you think that modern gaming is supposed to be a totally immersive and well-rounded experience, then we are in agreement. These are the top Xbox One hacks we feel guarantee just that:

Xbox Hacks

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  • Voice Command: This works with services such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Video just to name a few. You can select, play, stop, rewind, fast-forward by simply saying “Xbox pause” or “Xbox rewind” you can get your console to do any of these. Literal voice command! This works better for certain services by calling their names. For example “YouTube Rewind!”
  • Skipping YouTube Ads: Some YouTube ads are not skippable…on a PC that is-not on your precious Xbox. To skip these ads, just press Y and then press B and bye-bye advert. Now that’s control!
  • Refresh Button: No we are not kidding about this one. If your dashboard starts lagging behind-or worse-gets completely frozen, you can just refresh it like you would a personal computer. Just press both triggers and the Y button and let go at the same time. And voila!
  • Calibrate Your TV Display: This will not work for every television, but every true gamer knows how important proper resolution is. In your Xbox settings you can find options to calibrate your display so that the resolution is just right for your gaming experience. Alternatively, if you are using a UHD TV or HD TV you can check to see if there is a game mode setting.
  • Pinned Web Pages: If your Xbox is your main media outlet, then that should not be a disadvantage if you are interested in a particular page or pages. Just press the menu button when the tile is selected in your internet explorer. Suppose you need to switch between pages; you could double tap the Xbox home button to switch or well you could just demand it like a boss: “Xbox Switch!”
  • Hungry? If you are an Xbox Gold member, you get 150 free minutes of Skype calling. With the Kinect Voice control you can put in your favourite pizza joint’s phone number so that whenever you want you could just give the order for pizza rather than interrupt your gaming. Just say “Xbox, call pizza,” and you can make your order and have it show up at your doorstep. Neat, huh?
  • Keep Up with Game Hub: When a game is highlighted, you can press the menu button to get all the latest info about that game including leaderboards, downloadable content and so on. There is no need to get left behind.
  • All in one Through the Pass-Through Port: Through the Xbox One Pass-Through port you can connect your satellite, old Comcast, your TV, even your PS4 if you have one. This allows you to do a whole lot more through your Xbox than you would first realise from the surface. Once you have this set up and you want to watch TV all you have to do is-you guessed it-say “Xbox TV!” Like a boss, indeed.


Any hack on the Xbox you think should have made our list? Share with us below!

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