Life Hacks for Girls in College Dorms

Lifehacks for Girls in College

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One thing about life in college: nobody has it figured out. Nobody. This is one of the reasons why it is so exciting! We’ve thought up and compiled some proven ways to make the journey less scary and more fun. Whether you are already a veteran at college, or still a bright-eyed freshman, these lifehacks for girls in college are bound to make your life easier

  1. Don’t Oversleep

College can mean a lot of fun and late nights, but you don’t want this to come at the expense of studies. To avoid oversleeping try dropping your phone in a glass cup after you have set the alarm.

The reverberations in the glass cup make the alarm sound much louder. Plus, the process of reaching out carefully to safely get the phone from the glass cup will make waking up much easier.

alarm hacks for female students

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  1. If Coffee Is a Must:

Coffee is a great way to kick-start your day, especially if your classes are slated for the earliest hours. If you find yourself in a dorm room that does not allow coffee pots, you need not despair. You can solve your problem with a foam cup, a coffee filter and an elastic band.

Cut out the bottom of the foam cup and place a coffee filter over the resultant hole, securing it with an elastic band.

To make you coffee: fill up the filter with coffee grinds, and carefully pour hot water over the grinds from a cup.

For a delicious treat, mix some hot chocolate into your coffee. Pure heaven!

Coffee Hacks for Girls in College

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  1. Keep Your Notebooks in Order

Shuffling through a pile of books in your bag just as the teacher is about entering class is never an inviting prospect. You can avoid this by colour coding your books. Use a different colour for books pertaining to different classes for easy differentiation. A touch of colour is always a good idea in any case.

notebook hacks for girls in college

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  1. Pile Up the Change

When you are young, saving up for a rainy day is never at the top of your priorities. Is there a more boring sounding topic? It can be more fun, though: open a change jar.

Place an open jar in a conspicuous place such as the top of a table or a desk and throw random coins into it from time to time.

Who knows how much you would have saved by the end of the month or perhaps the semester?

This is perfect lifehack for any girl in college, especially if you intend doing some light shopping during the summer holidays or going out with some friends.

Money Hacks for Girls in College

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  1. From Hair Straightener to Iron

If you cannot afford an iron, you need not despair. If you know how, your hair straightened will do quite nicely.

Just keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure the straightener is clean and free of anything that could stain your clothes.
  • Make sure it is free of hair. It’s preferable to do the ironing before you use the straightener on your hair.
  • Keep an eye on the power and temperature settings for different fabrics. If you are trying this out for the first time you may want to stick with durable fabrics as opposed to softer ones like silk which require a very low temperature setting.
Hair Straightener Hacks for Female Students

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This lifehack is for the girl in college who is short on cash, time, or maybe even both. In many ways a straightener is preferable to a conventional iron: it’s faster, easier to use, and you can skip bringing out the ironing table.

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