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What are the possibilities that Amazon offers you as a seller?

Amazon Reseller: make money on it

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Following are some of the possibilities that offers you as a seller:

  • This is one platform where you can sell almost anything in the world to a large base of buyers that span across the world. You can list your products in more than 20 categories for free as an individual as well as a professional seller.
  • You don’t have to wait long for selling your products as you can now sell them on immediately. Moreover, draws around 85 million customers per month, thereby increasing your sales
  • Unlike other platforms, is a trusted portal for selling products, so you don’t have to waste your time in creating a website to sell your products when is already gifting you an established platform.
  • You can either start your very own online business by selling products to millions of customers or you can expand an already existing business organization.
  • As a registered Amazon user you are given the opportunity of selecting FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon, which benefits the sellers greatly. When you choose the FBA option, it requires you as a seller to store the products you are going to sell in the Amazon’s fulfillment centers. So when someone makes a purchase of your product, the FBA goes ahead and ships it to the buyer’s residence and all you have to do is pay a small fee for the storage and shipping costs. Nothing more.

How can you earn money on Amazon?

Amazon is the largest online retail store selling anything from the selling small things like books, watches, jewelry, toys to selling the big guys like cars, bikes, computers, laptops etc. there are so many you can sell on and earn even bigger cuts from selling them. Moreover, there are many other ways of earning money from while working from home. Here are some jobs that will interest on how you can earn money from

  • As a seller: You can sell any household items or products on as it considered the largest online retail platform where millions of customers will access your products.
  • With an ecommerce website: You can get your online ‘marketplace’ for your own ecommerce website from Amazon, so that you can expand your online presence, as it is an amazing way to increase traffic to your website and earn money at the same time. This purchasing of a marketplace from Amazon will be free for the first 30 days, but after that you will be required to pay a certain fee per month.
  • By joining an affiliate program: You can join their affiliate programs and sell their products and items on your personal blog. There are a variety of products you can choose to sell on your personal website or blog and you can earn something like 10% in revenue from Amazon.
  • Write away with your eBook: If you are good at writing, then you can go ahead and write eBooks and sell them on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing website. While doing this you can earn anywhere about 70% in royalties through the sales of your eBooks.
  • Publish your blog: Amazon Kindle Publishing Blogs is another great way to earn money, as it lets you publish your website or blog through it. You can do this by listing your blog in the given categories, wherein Kindle readers will have to pay for a subscription per month to read your website.

Who pays you?

The buyer who makes a purchase of your product pays you the exact amount of money that you have quoted for the product on

How much you can earn on Amazon as a seller?

Anywhere from $110 to $110,000, depending on the products you are selling, the frequency with which you are selling the products, list of loyal customers or buyers for your products and how you advertise your products to millions of customers worldwide. Only if you are serious about selling the products on Amazon will you be able to see profits in terms of increased sales. But, if you are just selling two or more products for past time, then you are likely to hit jackpot at the end of the year.

Testimonials from people who’ve achieved success by selling items on Amazon

Here are some successful stories from sellers:

“But with Amazon, our sales have at least doubled from year to year. It’s been significant, substantial. I keep wondering where the top is.” – Tim Young, Co-owner, Florida Gifts.

“I’m making a living off of this. This isn’t my only source of income, but it’s a priority focus for me, and I’d like to build it into a major, major business.”- David Abeles, Owner, Fat Brain.

“Having Fulfillment by Amazon really has given me my life back. Plus my sales from year to year continue to increase.” – Lynn Williams, Owner/Inventor, Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers

“We save a lot of money thanks to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and the more money we can save for ourselves and our customers, the more successful our company will be.”- Penny Jin, international ecommerce manager for Doublju.

“Amazon helps a young entrepreneur graduate from “weekend beer money” to a viable business selling audio speakers to musicians.” – Steve Acree, Owner, Seismic Audio Speakers


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