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How Sanjay Shah Said NO to A Promising Career Option and Took the Non-Treaded Route to Only Build an Empire, Wealth and a Powerful Message

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A recent press release from KHT Media Group informed Top Life Hacks that Sanjay Shah was starting a blog after his efficacious career as a hedge fund boss in Europe’s financial capital London. Sanjay Shah Solo Capital is one of the most celebrated hedge fund firms in London. It has been featured in the Sunday Times for Sanjay’s successful run in 2015, making handsome profits for his firm and its clients.

Starting a business from the ground up can be at times nerve-wracking, lonely and all-consuming. However, Sanjay Shah is no ordinary business mogul. His story unveils his unconventional journey that’s notably private and refreshingly modest.

Sanjay Shah ran his firm like a maestro, networked like a friend, built a vast web of clients who trusted him with their financial decision, and backed it all up with world-class leadership skills. After tuning Solo Capital into a highly successful business, Sanjay decided to invest his skills in philanthropy. He founded Autism Rocks to support research on Autism and raise awareness on the subject through charity events.

It took many by surprise when Sanjay Shah decided to put a stop to his decade long career in the finance industry when he was on top of his game.

Perhaps Sanjay’s entire mindset changed when he was laid off. It was only after he was laid off from his job that he decided to get into business and Solo Capital was born. Sanjay Shah Dividend business had all the support of Sanjay Shah’s wife and the Sanjay Shah family unity paid off really well in the end.

A Career In Banking For Nearly A Decade –The Industry Then and Now

Sanjay Shah Borsen Denmark Tax Fraud (allegedly)

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Sanjay Shah Family moved to London in 1960s where he was born in 1970. Sanjay Shah was predestined to become a doctor but he realized early in his life that his true destiny was to be in the finance business. By working in some of the best financial institutions in the world, Sanjay Shah realized that many banks have a problem in picking the right stocks for business.

This resulted in poor profit margin plummeting the bank’s stocks as well. He observes that things are different today. To survive, banks are changing models by changing their revenue base. They ensure less dependence on processing activities and interest rates.  To generate new revenue from commissions, they are charging the account keeping individuals. They also reduce their costs. And to be more attractive to investors, they propose dividend “superior to what’s on the market,” said one analyst, with expected returns for 2016 of between 4.5% and 5%, and even more Crédit Agricole SA (7% in the current stock price). But “the dividend is an argument that is not enough, because if profits are under pressure, the dividend – which is a distribution of a portion of the profits – is also” continues the analyst. Moreover, the ECB ensures that the distributions policies remain “prudent” so that the institutions can “continue to fulfill all the requirements, including in the event of deteriorating economic and financial situation”.

If you look at Sanjay Shah Wiki, you will find a lot of information about Sanjay Shah Solo Capital London, Sanjay Shah Denmark and Sanjay Shah SKAT. Sanjay Shah Finance game started with Solo Capital but he realized many years before that the finance business has plenty of room for improvement.


Sanjay Shah & Wife - Autism Rocks Their Brain Child

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In the words of Sanjay Shah “Then came 2008. The financial crash wiped out my department, and left me on the scrapheap, along with a whole host of other city bankers.” The market then was so poor that nobody was hiring and Sanjay Shah had almost a dead-end situation to handle. That’s when he decided to set up his own venture – Solo Capital. It was a securities brokerage firm, where Sanjay brought in people he knew and previously worked with. They were people he could trust and they had their own contacts, which helped Sanjay Shah to get his business going really quick. A fair deal was made to share commissions and everyone on the team worked sincerely.

Sanjay Shah Solo Capital success story Sanjay Shah Borsen is covered in detail on his official blog.

In just a year, Solo Capital made enough money to pay off the mortgage, which gave some room for more business development. Sanjay Shah realized that he was able to live anywhere with a decent internet connection and a phone. So he decided to move to Dubai for the warm weather and the lifestyle. At that time he had the responsibility of his wife and three kids, so he knew he had to keep going to secure a financial future for the family. The second year turned luckier. Solo Capital hit the eight figures mark, and from then on there for no turning back for Sanjay Shah.

Changing Career option from Medical to Finance

Sanjay Shah Tax Fraud Allegations to Autism Rocks Charity

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As mentioned earlier, Sanjay Shah did not start his career in finance. His father was a doctor, and like all parents, he was also expected to pursue his father’s footsteps. His father had convinced him that there is no other career worth pursuing than that of a doctor.  That’s how Sanjay Shah finished schooling with A Levels to progress on to King’s College in London to start a medical degree.

That’s when Sanjay Shah realized that life had chosen another path for him. He knew he had no real passion for medicine and wanted other career options. With that in mind, he broadened his horizons at university, studying marketing, psychology and even Japanese for two years. One day some bankers came to the school to talk about pursuing banking as a career, and that’s what interested Sanjay Shah to get into the finance world. Sanjay Shah eventually ended up studying finance and became a chartered accountant.

His first job was at an American Investment bank where he had to put in a lot of late nights, and his hard work paid off. He got a job at Merrill Lynch, which literally took over his life. Very soon Sanjay Shah got tired of the machismo that runs rampant through the industry, only to leave and join Morgan Stanley, which again lasted only for nine months.  After a few more stints in banking jobs Sanjay Shah finally ended by in a Dutch bank called Rabobank. That’s when the 2008 financial crisis hit the market and he was let go, and Sanjay Shah finally decided to start his own venture.

Sanjay Shah Fraud and Sanjay Shah Tax fraud are not associated with Sanjay Shah Denmark or Sanjay Shah Solo Capital but his is a story of success featured by the leading publications in the EU, UK and UAE.

In the UK, publications like the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Globe and Mail covered his charity Autism Rocks and the music events held by Autism Rocks but much before that, they also covered his success story in business.

Sanjay Shah’s official blog is like Sanjay Shah Wiki where he shares his life story. He has some interesting views.

Sanjay Shah Denmark Tax Allegations to Autism Rocks Creation

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Where Is Solo Capital Today?

The company was incorporated in 2011 and has become a recognized boutique investment company. Mr. Shah brought together a team of highly professional investment professionals, experienced and accomplished, and together they focus on advising, proprietary trading and sports investments.

The board segment includes investments and performance; Exclusive trading includes foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives and sports arena investment includes the acquisition of talent, consulting and sales representation and asset management and performance.

Sanjay has guided the early humble business to a world-class investment company and is known for honesty, integrity and personalized service to customers. The team had the ability to create the right vehicle product to help customers achieve their goal and maintain integrity and financial structure.

Capital Solo manages assets with a value of R $ 67,451,122.00 (US $ 96,123,848.26). The company, using the principles established by its founder has maintained its customer portfolio and value with attention to detail and impeccable customer service. Although Sanjay has considered retirement, he still has a hand in the operation of the company and his influence is still with the company and within the investment industry.

Work Life Balance – Sanjay Shah’s Take

Sanjay Shah Family

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Sanjay Shah believes that work-life balance doesn’t have to be expensive. It is possible to get the best out of both worlds. Why he quit Solo Capital, one may ask. He has an answer to this too. He believes the actual problem is not achieving work life balance. It is achieving perfection. He has a simple solution for this problem. Don’t aspire for perfection when you are looking for work life balance.

“If we juggle multiple roles, each role will suffer. But it is quite normal! Do too many things, and doing them with errors is not a sign that your life is adrift. It is the sign of a very wise choice and quite understandable: you preferred the imperfection of diversity to target perfection.”

He realized that he was spending too much time on Solo Capital. Time that was supposed to be spent on ‘Life’ was spent more on ‘Work’. Once he realized this, he decided to move out of London to Dubai, a more relaxed economy. Dubai is not as fast paced as London. This was a good thing for him. This helped him to focus more on his family and he could spend more time with them. Today, he makes sure that he picks up at least one child from school each day.

Sanjay is open to the idea of doing business again. Because he believes concentrating on one thing to the exclusion of all others has its downside too. He says that multitasking is not the real problem.

“Unfortunately, our society has poured an absurd idea: the idea that it is possible to do many things, making them all perfectly. It is because of it that we hear so much about that elusive concept of “balance between work and private life”, that is to say, to have both a career and a private life perfectly fulfilled. It’s a crazy idea”. “An athlete can train 10 hours a day to be the human equivalent of a sports car but such training surely will have its impact on his life”.

Sanjay’s Tips to get most out of your working hours

  • Working hours are not the most important, it’s productivity

Be more focused, spend less time doing unnecessary tasks, automate whatever tasks you can. Don’t try to be a perfectionist and get into micro managing things. When you have a handful, delegate the tasks to your colleagues.

  • It’s not necessary to agree with your bosses always

We are inclined to say ‘yes’ to everything our superiors say. This is not necessary. Always look for ways to get things done in shorter time. Think about the work but also think about how you can improve yourself. Strive for excellence and look for options that you probably ignored.

  • Do not respond immediately to all requests

Some requests are urgent, others can wait! Do not develop the habit of answering all questions in a minute.

  • Use technology

Mobile apps and internet on the go changed how the world works. You can get a lot of things done on your smartphone. It’s not necessary to open your laptop to complete every small task. But here is a warning: don’t think of your smartphone as an alternative to your laptop. Remember, it is for emergencies only!

  • Your brain need rest too

It is hazardous thinking about work on weekends and after you leave office. This is acceptable in a crisis, not always. Your brain needs rest too. Let your brain think about different things so that when you are back to work on a Monday, you are energetic enough to churn out fresh ideas. With this strategy, it is possible to achieve tremendous results.

Sanjay Shah is the perfect example on how we achieve our dreams if we believe in our own strengths. His choice of not pursuing a promising medical career, but stepping into finance has resulted in building an empire of his own.

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